First joint kick of seminar
Pentair and Stahl Tranberg had their first customer event presenting both companies heat tracing solutions for customers.
Together, these two industry leaders intend to multiply their well-established product brands, TRANBERG and RAYCHEM, in the marine, helideck and offshore global verticals. This relationship, based on their combined long term stability and proven credibility, utilizes their synergies, collective knowledge and mutual experience to increase the value of our expanded range of products and services to both new and existing customers.

Agenda for the meeting:

• Stahl Tranbeg AS teams up with Pentair/Raychem
• Standardizing to EN60079: Related changes of product portfolio
• Stahl Tranberg standardized Heat Tracing product sortiment
• Raychem Self regulating Heating cables
• Raychem Control and Monitoring