Circle & H Lighting for helideck


TD/PM CIRCLE & H Identification Lighting System CAP 437

The lighting system is composed by a dashed circle and a H letter
overimposed the corresponding markers of the helideck.
The light elements are extremely thin (22mm) for over–the-deck surface
mounting and resistant to harsh environment and helicopter loads. 
Stainless Steel (316L) cable and lighting covers makes this system
one of the safest system on the market.

A full CAP437 compliant with superior display is achieved by the
special design which guarantees a regular light elements spacing,
free from any junction boxes obstructing the lighting spots.

A double independent power supply circuit and LED bypass devices
ensure that a failure of a single LED has local effect.

Cable penetration in the deck for below-deck cable routing is made
by small circular holes.

Technical Data

Material LED dome

Corrosion free high performance resin
Enclosure material

Stainless Steel 316L

Light intensity

According to CAP437,7th Ed.

Dimensions light element 750x125mm, height 20mm
Dimensions power box 650x900x300mm
Ingress protection

IP66/67 (EN 60529)

Electrical power

H overall System < 100 W
C overall System < 150 W
Supplied by Control Panel

Operational temperature

-30°C + 55°C

Installation interface

M6 fixing, optional interface layer
for irregular surfaces


Lit Touchdown/Position Marking (TD/PM Circle) and Lit Heliport Identification Marking ("H") system according to the CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas - Appendix C


  • Factory sealed LED lighting element
  • Easy to install: minimum impact on helideck surfaces with no over-deck junction boxes
  • Extremely low profile (22mm), under the required specifications
  • Versatile Installation : Cable routing above deck or below deck
  • Fully stainless steel (316L) protection of lights and cable
  • Antislip surface
  • Low power consumption
  • High Reliability
  • CAP437 Compliant 7th Ed. with Amendment
  • ATEX certified, suitable for Zone 1 and 2 , Marking : Ex II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb

    The number of the circle element is depending of the D-value. According to the CAP437 chapter 4, the system has to cover between 50% and 75% of the main radius of the painted circle. The following table provides the correct number of light segments for your system.


D-value [m]

Mean diameter of the painted circle [m]

Number of light elements

12m – 13,5m

7m – 7,75m


13,5m – 17,2m

7,75m – 9,6m


17,2m –  20,8m

9,6m – 11,4m


20,8m – 24,8m

11,4m – 13,4m



CAP437 Compliant 7th Ed. with Amendment

ATEX certified, suitable for Zone 1 and 2 , Marking: Ex II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb

IECEx CES 15.0002X , Marking: Ex mb IIC T6 Gb

ABS Product Design Asessment Certificate



Accredited partners for installtion of the CHLITE Circle & H Lighting System