Helideck lights control system TEF 4500


The TEF 4500 Commander Utility Helideck Lights Control System (HLCS) is a complete control system for all helideck lights. Based upon the Commander Utility technology, this control system allows the control panel to be installed in the bridge or radio equipment room, while the enclosure with all other necessary components may be installed further away. Between the cabinet and control panel a simple cable ensures that the industry-proven RS-485 network provides a reliable two-way communication.

The control panel includes 8 buttons that control the perimeter lights, floodlights and windsock lights. In addition the panel includes a main power button for the entire system, an alarm acknowledge button and a button to dim the backlight. Three spare buttons are available, which may be used if additional components are installed in the control enclosure. Power indicators for main an emergency supply. Customer- specific text on buttons is optional.

Among the unique features of the system is the capability of connecting several control panels to the network, enabling full control and monitoring from several locations. Optionally a gateway may be installed to provide two-way communications to an external control system (NMEA-0183 compliant/proprietary). Three additional contactors and circuit breakers are available to make full use of the 8 control buttons at the control panel.

Technical Data

Dimensions on panel: 254x225x60 (WxHxD)
Dimensions on enclosure: 600x760x210 (WxHxD)
Weight on panel: 1,5 kg
Weight on enclosure: 48 kg
Required incoming power: 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz (other voltage available on request)
IP rating panel: IP22
IP rating enclosure: IP66


    • Ready for installation; comes complete with control panel and enclosure with 8 outgoing circuits, B10A.
    • Control panel may be mounted far away from the enclosure.
    • Up to 7 control panels may be connected to the network, enabling control capabilities from each location.
    • Common alarm on circuit breakers
    • Naut-OSV alarm signalling towards brigde alarm handling system (BAMS etc.)
  • Auto fallover to emergency power source accordingly to DNV Pt. 6 Ch. 1 Sec. 2 F503


Tested according to  IEC60945:2002.

CE- marking.

Part Numbers

See datasheet for more details