Integrated Helideck Light Control TEF 4600


The TEF 4600 Integrated Helideck Light Control system is an industry-first control system which allows full control and monitoring of all lights, in an easy and intuitive interface.

The unique design covers both Zone 1 and safe zones, and central to the system is the R. STAHL HMI Panel PC Exicom ET-498 multi touch-screen operator panel. This new and proven design will allow users to directly control and monitor all lights connected. Other third party software can also be connected in order to create a command station near the helideck. Examples of other use is the ability to display flight plans next to the helipad, passenger tracking through the built-in RFID, or other types of software, such as maintenance procedures and documentations.
The control cabinet is available in versions for hazardous and safe zones. Additional remote control panels may be connected, allowing local control of some or all lights, and in full synchronization with the computer screens.

Technical Data

Power supply:

3 x 100-230VAC power supply, UPS supply and monitoring available

Examples of use:

Control all lights on helideck; perimeter lights, floodlights, windsock, obstruction lights, status lights, Circle and H, taxi lights, and more

Dimensions (wxhxd)

Non-Ex control cabinet: 600x1800x300mm
Zone 1 cabinet: Flexible size and shape

Weight: 100 to 150 kg. Depending on model and configuration.

Ethernet connection to operator panels.
Optional hardwired connection to local control panels

Ingress protection:



Zone 1, or non-Ex versions available


  • Deck light control panel
  • Floodlight control panel
  • Helideck control panel
  • Heating system control panel
  • Pump control panel
  • Status panel
  • General control panel


  • All control gear in one cabinet, simplifying connections, control and monitoring
  • Smaller footprint than individual control cabinets for each type of light
  • Combined with Tranberg’s new line of LED helideck lights means an installation with an absolute minimum of required inspections and minimized maintenance
  • Connection with a supervisory control system through Ethernet, Profibus or similar standards
  • Optional touchscreen, allowing local control (Zone 1 panel or non-Ex)
  • Optional remote button and lamp control panel, allowing additional control of lights


Control system and all operators panels are available in both Zone 1 and non-Ex versions

According to CAA CAP437